Green Point Park, based in Cape Town South Africa, is a public park that regularly holds community events.

It is a great resource for increasing green-space engagement and enhancing the wellbeing of local people. Green Point Park welcomes families, couples, and professionals from all walks of life to enjoy its beautiful sights and relaxing atmosphere.

Like HYPE’s ‘Park Inner Park,’ Green Point aims to bring local people together, encouraging them to get outside and get active. Just a stone’s throw from the park is the Cape Town Stadium, a hub of sporting activity. This makes the Park the perfect venue to encourage Cape Town residents to get involved in sporting events.

Green Point boasts a unique BioDiversity Showcase Garden, which is made up entirely of native plants. The showcase garden is currently used as an educational resource for local school children, in order to teach them about biodiversity and ecosystems.

This year, 2018, HYPE will be delivering a community Park event based in Green Point Park.

In February 2018, HYPE will be travelling to Cape Town, South Africa, with a group of young volunteers from Merseyside.

This group of volunteers will work in multiple townships in schools to support the delivery of high quality physical education and coaching. They also donate hundreds of football kits to local children. These volunteers will build on their own skills and teaching capabilities, whilst benefiting children across Cape Town.

HYPE volunteers will be located in Green Point Park from 1pm-3pm on Saturday the 24th of February delivering a programme of free activities for local young people aged from 7 years- 16 years.


The activities HYPE is offering tie in with the Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 1pm-2pm- Football coaching and team games to encourage ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’. There will be a range of sporting activities for children to get involved with.
  • 2pm- 3pm- A ‘HYPE Park Rangers’ session where children will have the opportunity to learn about the biodiversity of the Park and get their hands dirty! This ties in with the value of ‘Quality Education’ through nature, and also teaches about ‘Life on Land’ and the importance of maintaining our environments.

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