Matthew Houghton – Managing Director

I had one teacher in school that I got on with, he pushed me in his lessons and his lessons were enjoyable. I try to use the same style in my sessions with young people I get to know quickly. There was a really positive youth worker as well who worked with all my mates at the time and got the most out of us and got us involved in things other than football.

I bring a lot of experience having worked at HYPE since 2008 working in many different communities across the Wirral and Liverpool and have worked with literally thousands of young people.

As a teenager when hanging out with my mates, Police were constantly moving us from street corners and out of parks. Having park projects and youth clubs locally would have given me more options to get more involved in positive activities.

Lisa Littlewood – HYPE Primary Schools Tutor

Growing up, I was an avid vinyl collector and aspiring DJ. I was inspired by DJs in the Scottish club scene, notably Glasgow DJs such as Slam who had started small, set up their own nights and festivals, then took that success and went on to producing music, their own record label and were playing around the world. 

After sending Matt my CV, he identified my role as a DJ and radio presenter which could help build confidence and hone the professional presenting skills of the staff on the team. I used my experience in staff development to help crystallise their goals and objectives as well as helping them play to their strengths within the company. As a primary teacher my knowledge of curriculum development would help the team devise relevant and stimulating enterprise projects and resources for our involvement with schools.

If HYPE had been around when I was growing up, it would have been brilliant to have opportunities to meet and work with young adults and peers who could help me recognise and develop skills I had that lay outside of the traditional educational setting.

Julie Jones – HYPE Arts and Crafts Lead Worker

As a child I was inspired by my grandma, auntie and mum as they all baked/cooked and loved to make cakes. So I would get involved as much as I could and loved it. They would take me to demonstrations of fancy cake decoration events and this inspired me to sell novelty cakes when I was in my late teens. I still make them for family and friends’ birthdays.

Being apart of HYPE has allowed me to share some of these skills with the children in the youth clubs; baking, cooking and projects like the Christmas cake gifts. I also am quite arty and have an A level in Art so I am always doing art and craft with the children most sessions. What’s great about HYPE is it provides a club that allows the children to ask what they want to do and we make it happen. If there was a club like HYPE when I was young It would have benefited me a great deal as I was quite shy and it brings the best out of children especially when taking part talent shows and seeing all the great art work and baking they do.

It makes my day when I see the kids are really proud of themselves with what they achieve. It would have built my confidence being part of a HYPE youth club as a youngster as it does with a lot of the children I work with. I hope sharing skills I have learnt myself inspires some kids to carry on in the future to enjoy baking and art etc.

Jack Webb – HYPE Centre Co-ordinator (Birkenhead)

As a youngster my dad inspired me, as he always believed in my decisions and me no matter whether he thought they where right or wrong. He always tried to push me to achieve the best I could.

Before starting at HYPE I had worked with children through football as a coach and also in primary schools. As I enjoy playing sports and keeping active I would be able to help young people stay fit and try new sports.

I would have benefitted from HYPE when I was young, as it would have created a safe environment with familiar faces. It would have kept me from hanging around the streets and given me the chance to try out new activities.

Grace Boden – HYPE Outdoor Games Coordinator

My foster carer inspired me to always go for what I want and not to listen to how negative other people can be. I was brought up with the understanding that I’d I want something enough then I can succeed. 

I have a level 3 adventure sport qualification which I feel can be used to allow young people to experience the outdoors in a way that they may not have done before or take part in sports they haven’t tried before such as climbing, snowboarding, gorge walking etc. I have previous experience of working with young people of various ages so I am confident with working with them.

As a youngster it would have been great to have a place to go that is open regularly with familiar faces there all the time. Taking part in activities I may not have done as a child and being given the opportunities that I didn’t have maybe when I was growing up.

Conor Noble – HYPE Head Sports Coordinator

As I young person I looked up to a youth leader within my local community named Paul. He ran our youth clubs, trips, summer camps and even a local Youth Council. He always put young people first and the reason he did his job was through the love of benefitting others and giving back to the community. I always said that what he did for us inspired me to give back myself in some way! I found this opportunity through HYPE.

For HYPE I offer many different skills and experiences. I am a qualified sports coach in multiple sports and games. Though still only 22 myself I grew up attending youth clubs and became a member of a Youth Council. I can relate with young people through past experiences myself and provide advice and guidance. I have been working within these communities with HYPE now for over 2 years and have built a great rapport with a lot of young people.

HYPE greatly benefits young people within the community by providing them with opportunities they would not receive otherwise. I was fortunate enough as a young person from Northern Ireland to benefit from youth organisations. However, mine was much less frequent than HYPE and we always found that what we did was great but this was just not enough or as often as we like. HYPE provides many different activities, day and night, and their relationships with local schools mean they can fill the missing gaps.

Laura Martin – HYPE Life Coach and Secondary Schools Tutor

Mrs Murphy my primary school teacher, she showed great compassion towards every child in our class and made each and everyone of us feel special.

I can bring health, fitness and well-being coaching to young people and the team at HYPE. HYPE helps massively by being part of an active local community, helping young people gain qualifications and find support to enhance their skills & experience, which of course helps improve the chances of getting a job.

Kirsty Murphy – HYPE Singer and Dance Coach

My Nan is my inspiration. Always been a hard worker since she was thirteen and I have always respected that. I love her positivity, work ethic and her drive. My Nan also was the person who took me to my first dance class and got my training started.

I am trained in Musical Theatre; dance, singing and acting. I know various dance styles; commercial, street, jazz and lyrical. I have a real passion for teaching performing arts and I believe a teacher’s positivity shines through the children that teacher teaches.

I think HYPE gives children so many opportunities, there is a wide choice of activities to suit everyone. It would have kept me occupied throughout the six week’s summer holidays as there isn’t a lot for children especially when they are out of school and HYPE offers a lot.

Dave Bickerton – DJ

If I was to pick on person who inspired me, I’d have to pick my stepdad. When I was 15 he had a motorbike accident, he died at the accident and was brought back to life by Paramedics. He then spent a year on life support and a total of 2 years in hospital. He never let his injuries beat him. He came out of hospital and was totally dependable on family and had to be re taught to walk. Slowly he got himself back to loving a normal life. If it taught me anything it taught me that you should never give up no matter what challenges lie ahead. Life can be short and it’s easy to let it get on top of you. Brush it off and move forward. 

As a DJ I’ve learnt a lot of things I can pass on. Teaching kids to use music in a way that they can expresses themselves. I can teach kids on every format from using vinyl to using CDs, USB to using a controller linked to iPad and using a Spotify collection of music. I have a lot of equipment and use each piece as and when it should. 

For me as a kid growing up in Leasowe, Moreton and Wallasey. I noticed there was one thing these areas all had in common. A lack of activities. On a regular basis I could be found just scowling the streets for things to do. We played a lot of football but pretty much every area we chose to play football we where swiftly moved on. It became hard to find constructive things to do. HYPE really tries to tackle this. HYPE gives kids somewhere to go. HYPE believes in the youth and works with them, building activities they want to do. HYPE is the future of our youth and most importantly HYPE cares about our youth!